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Wiring Diagram

Coloured laminated wiring diagram Interceptor

Key Fob - Leather

New Key Fob design - 100% Leather

Hi-Vis Vest with Winged Logo

Hi-Vis Vest with black winged Jensen logo on left breast “While some breakdowns are unavoidable, there are ways in which you can prepare for trips to help reduce the chance of breaking down: 1. Keep vehicles well-maintained and full of fuel. 2. Ensure mobile phones are charged, and you have enough credit to make a phone call. 3. Download the ‘Emergency +’ smartphone app. 4. Keep a high-visibility vest and torch in your vehicle. 5. Save roadside assistance contacts in your mobile phone. Keep a copy of the Breakdown Safety Glovebox Guide (PDF, 2.18 MB) in your car.”


New caps in stock - 2 colours to choose from

Magnetic Wing Protector

Magnetic Wing Protector - blue with Jensen Winged Logo
From $40.00